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Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse

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The Razer Naga is the ultimate Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming mouse that shifts the balance between keyboard and mouse by putting an unprecedented number of in-game commands in one place. A multi-button thumb grid and Razer's MMO game interface add-on combine to place every command you need in the palm of your hand. An ergonomic form shaped to maximize ease of use lets you game in comfort for hours on end. With the Razer Naga, you will Get Imba.

17 MMO-optimized buttons
Program up to thousands of different in-game commands

Maximum Comfort for Long Gaming Sessions
Game for days with the Razer Naga's ergonomic design, optimized for easy access to every button.

Custom Interface AddOns for MMO Games
Organize your skills and eliminate visual clutter with the Razer Naga's in-game custom interface AddOns (available for World of WarcraftTM and Warhammer Online: Age of ReckoningTM, and more)

    Razer Naga Technical Specifications

        * 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
        * 1000Hz Ultrapolling&trade  1ms response time
        * 200 inches per second max tracking speed
        * Zero-acoustic Ultraslick&trade mouse feet
        * 17 MMO-optimized buttons (including 12 button thumb grid)
        * Optional MMO-specific software AddOns
        * Unlimited character profiles with AddOns
        * Approximate size:  116L x 69W x 41.6H (in mm)

    System Requirements

        * PC  Mac with USB port
        * Windows® 7  Windows Vista®  Windows® XP or Mac OS X (v10.4 and above)
        * Internet connection (for driver installation)
        * At least 35MB of hard disk space

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